99% Valid Online Face Photo Similarity Test App

Application tools detect facial resemblance online comparing 2 images or photos.

AI Technology, How to check the resemblance of photos, especially faces, is now easy, there is this facial resemblance technology made by Megvii “Face + +” using complex face similar / Face Comparing algortima technology and produces up to 99% accuracy if the 2 images checked are the same, exactly similar.

The application is not for finding a twin on the internet, the main function of the resemblance test compares 2 photos whether it is true that it is the same person or just similar.

How to take an online face photo similarity test

Working System: Upload 2 face photos to check the level of similarity, click the right / left photo before uploading to compare > DEMO menu:

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  • Upload 1 photo or Image URL to the left of “Enter reChapta code”.
  • click photo right > upload photo to -2 right side comparisons
  • Auto Compare Result on the top right.


Application test results

Description of face similarity test results:

  1. Probability very high = 99% face similarity percentage,
  2. Normal Probability = face resemblance > 70-80%,
  3. Probability very low = photos do not look like the same person.

Description: No.1 = Probability very high, meaning that the 2 face images being compared are the same person.


OPEN Face similar ++

Applications / Tools Face similar detection URL: faceplusplus.com/face-comparing

” Don’t Forget to Scroll down on the DEMO menu.

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The results of this facial resemblance check application are not a valid reference tool but as a test media through AI artificial intelligence.

The meaning of similar here can be the same 1 person or 2 different people who are similar / twins. Face++ tools are only man-made, of course they can be wrong / algorithm errors so don’t make this a reference source, results are possible.

Update : 16 Feb, 2024