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Review : Best CPM ads network for blogger all traffic countries and languages, SSP Galaksion pays dollars for each ad format CPM, CPA, CPS, CPC, eCPM. Supports all languages so that CTR is good for all countries traffic and blog content, even though the office is abroad,,, great!

CPM high rate ads are an alternative for bloggers who have not been accepted by Google Adsense & ads remain safe alongside adsense ads.


No Minimum Blog Traffic

New blog age 3-6 months traffic under 1k / day or popular bloggers have organic traffic, all have the opportunity to make dollars from bloggers just join the galaksion publisher.

#Blogspot #WP bloggers are recommended to be part of galaksion, increased cuan, not focused only Google adsense …

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Blogspot & WordPress supported

All galaksion ad types can be implemented on WordPress Hosting, Blogger/Blogspot platforms. The Admin Manager/CS will be happy to tell you everything about the partnership with Galaksion.

If you experience difficulties in the domain verification stage, especially blogspot, you are welcome to contact the Publisher Department directly via: Support Help.


Galaksion CPM Advantages

SSP Publisher Galaksion has a good user satisfaction rating from trustpilot 4.5++ stars, provides experienced professional support. proven to pay high CPM ad value with dollars up to $7-$35 with only impressions: 1000.

Galaksion guarantees that every publisher partner will get:

  1. Stable ad revenue every month
  2. Can be paired with Google Adsense ads
  3. Full 24/7 technical support
  4. Individual approach by the support team
  5. Transparent ad accounting system
  6. User friendly ad material management.
  7. PO is quite fast: 7-15 working days.


Rate CPM Galaksion

Galactic CPM prices range from $7-35, which is fairly high that I have used compared to other Ad networks.

Galaksion CPM rate will be higher if the type, format of PopUnder ads: $7 – $35 / 1000 impressions, prices are influenced by the location of the traffic country source.


Galaksion Publisher List

Becoming an ad publisher in the Galaxion SSP Ads network is very easy, there are no complicated requirements, the important thing is that the blog already has a little traffic.

The above rebuttal has been broken by the Galaksion ad network where only 800 impressions can get dollars up to: $35.

There is nothing wrong with trying to prove the experience directly, because income will be stable every day and traffic can be maximized over time.

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Verify Account, Domain, Generate Ad Code

After the new account creation process is complete, the next step:

  • verify your account via email,
  • Add blog domain
  • domain verification
  • Wait until the account is verified and the domain is approved [takes 1-3] sometimes faster can only be a matter of hours.

Note: To make the domain verification process faster, you can directly ask for help from the Ads manager, contact chat Wa below.


CPM ads format

Galaksion has a complete ad format like google adsense, later after being accepted as a publisher partner you will be contacted by a very friendly support team via Whtasapp / email. to be guided in the process of installing ads with the best performance and results.

Galaksion has many types of ads that publishers can choose from including:

  • Pop-under ads (expensive cpm)
  • Interstitial
  • Direct Link Ads
  • Sliders ads, native widgets, Instream all-roll, push notification.


Galaksion Proves to Pay Off

Paypal Payment : Next check the blog, the ads will start to run and the dollars will start flowing into the paypal account, the final stage must set up payment via paypal just to make it easy: select the billing / wallet menu.

Ok, until here is done, your next task is to increase traffic, blog visitors so that advertising income can be a lot every month, Happy work.

Today Galaksion is proven to pay publishers on time with a hefty fee with dollar currency, can be transferred to banks, paypal, etc. PO time: 7 days (if the balance is min. $100).

Accept payment:

  • You can set up automatic payments via: PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney (WMZ), Wire transfer and others.
  • You can also see reviews of 5-star publishers around the world about the performance of galaksion services


Galaksion Publisher Help

If you have difficulty in site verification, confused about how to place an ad, you can chat or contact the ads manager in your respective galaksion account, the chat language is English (just use google translit) to communicate with the support team, recommendations can chat via telegram special quick response publisher:

Telegram: https://t.me/Toropovant (Publisher ads Manger each account)
e-mail: info@galaksion.com



Bloggers can use this so that cuan increases, not focusing only on adsense … #galaksion, Let’s get dollars from the blog immediately: ” Register for Free.

Each traffic and blog will have a different CPM amount value, so it cannot be equated. __Ok, hopefully this CPM-based ad network information can be helpful and useful.

Updated: May 15, 2024