Top In-Demand job Vacancy in Singapore

Most In Demand Job, Singapore is an attractive destination for international professionals looking for work. The country is well known for its strong and stable economy, a well-developed infrastructure, and a diverse, multicultural environment.

10 Data list view jobs/occupations in Singapore and their Salaries

Occupation Average Annual Salary
IT and Software ± $49,30
Engineering ± $45,60
Accounting and Finance ± $52,00
Human Resource Management ± $55,90
Hospitality ± $48,80
Sales and Marketing ± $43,60
Healthcare ± $37,00
STEM ± $39,20
Teaching ± $35,40
Nursing ± $39,40

Singapore has ample job opportunities and opens doors to employment for foreign nationals, the list of high paying jobs are given below:

IT and Software

Singapore has an expanding digital transformation, for which the IT and software professionals are in high demand. The market for this sector was valued at US$ 58.13 billion, and is expected to grow 18.70% to a value of US$ 137.00 billion by 2027. Roles such as software developers, data analysts, and cyber security experts are particularly in demand.

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Singapore is known to many for its rich infrastructure projects and innovation. This emphasizes the demand for engineers in the country. Electrical, mechanical, and civil engineers are essential for the nation’s on-going development and innovation.

Accounting and Finance

Singapore is called the International Financial Centre. There’s a constant need for skilled professionals in the accounting and finance sector and the demand for these skilled professionals is expected to rise in the coming years. Roles range from accountants and auditors to financial analysts.

Human Resource Management

HRM is management of people in an organization or company and its becoming important for all the industries. Companies in Singapore value effective HR management to foster a productive workforce. This simply makes HR professionals being in high demand in Singapore with ample job opportunities and high paying salaries.


As a popular tourist destination, the hospitality industry in Singapore requires skilled individuals in roles like hotel management, event planning, and customer service.

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Sales and Marketing

Singapore has a dynamic business landscape, for which the sales and marketing experts are high in demand. . Professionals in market research, digital marketing, and sales strategies, ecommerce, CRM, performance marketing, and omnichannel marketing are highly in demand.


The healthcare sector in Singapore is considered to be one of the best globally providing most advanced healthcare services. Singapore’s population contributes to the demand for healthcare professionals, and doctors, nurses, and allied health practitioners are crucial in maintaining the country’s healthcare standards.


STEM occupations cover a broad spectrum, including IT, engineering, and scientific research. Singapore places emphasis on STEM education and careers to drive innovation and technological advancements.


There is a focus on education always as everybody wants to pursue studies and gain knowledge, for which teachers and teaching roles are always in demand. Qualified educators, especially in the top subjects are needed by the Singapore’s education system.


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Singapore has a demand for skilled nurses in the healthcare sector as they provide care and support to the healthcare needs of the population. There are many job opportunities in the field of nursing with high paying salaries.


The salaries of all job positions in Singapore will increase and decrease based on market trends, country regulations and best company policies.

Updated: May 14, 2024