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Deadline: 28 Mar, 2024

Petrochina International Jabung

We recognize that our employees are the most valuable asset of the company. There are various policies and programs to support all employees to develop their potentials, talents, interests, and characters.

PetroChina always develop human resources policy in accordance with the regulations and legislations applied by the Government.


Employees training and development is aiming to evaluate and improve the performance of their work, respectively. PetroChina appreciate every employee who has performed well and contributed positively to the company to support their career development. Career development that we provide including scholarships for higher education in order to develop their career path.


Our commitment to protect every employee is also done by providing a comprehensive benefits package and competitive to meet the needs of employees and their families. These benefits include Health Insurance, Pregnancy Leave, Pension Fund, Holiday Allowance, Other benefits for employees and family of employees.


Embracing diversity in thinking, backgrounds and cultures that exist in our operations is very important for PetroChina so that we continue to operate in Indonesia with a rich culture as well. So, we provide a place of worship facilities for workers, which is a small mosque for the Muslims and the prayer rooms for Christians and Catholics. In addition, we also held religious celebrations every year and participated in the celebration along with our workers. In addition to that, we also have a program to assist employees to perform the hajj pilgrimage every year.

PENTING: Proses rekrutmen 100% Gratis, jangan pernah transfer atau memberikan uang kepada siapapun termasuk HRD.

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