Merchandising Planning UNIQLO Jakarta

  • Full Time
  • Jakarta

Deadline: 30 Apr, 2024

UNIQLO Indonesia

Job Description:

1. Analyzing past sales figures/trends to anticipate future product needs.

2. Create Merchandise plan by weekly, monthly, half year and yearly.

In this plan is including:

  • Sales target that will be link with store sales target as well.
  • Initial allocation plan.
  • Inventory plan, quantity for each store. Collaborate with In-store Merchandising team on how to display in store (store layout)
  • Promotion, Marketing, Price action plan and inter-branch transfers as well for slow moving items.
  • Production plan
  •  After create the plan, manage and monitor the sales, gross profit and inventory condition and make decision and action accordingly the business situation and trend.

3.Communicate with the production, factory, logistic team to ensure each item can be received 1-2wk before the launching date, revised and adjust the production plan based on sales tendency (in term of quantity and delivery date as well).

4. Create an assortment box of each item that convenient and efficient for store, warehouse team and factory as well. This assortment must be follow the rules and guidelines from production team as well.


It is preferable that the candidates have the following:

  • Bachelor degree in Maths, Statistics, Finance, Business Studies, Geography, etc.
  • Have experience in retail industry, minimum 3 years in supervisory level.
  • Analytical Skills.
    Need to enjoy analyzing data and using this to identify trends and potential risks and opportunities. Should be comfortable with basic Statistics.
  • Communication Skills.

Need excellent communication skills including presentation skill, as this position will be dealing with teams (internal, cross department & global), possibly right up to your MD, with factory and stores. must be confident.

  • Resilience under Pressure.

Need to be strong enough to keep calm when under pressure.

  • Required Quick thinking to spot trends, evaluate large amounts of data and make sound decisions. Things can change very quickly and there are always deadlines to meet.
  • Computer Literacy.

is vital as all data, trends and figure analysis will be done using our own system.

most commonly used within merchandising to report on customer spending.

  • Commercial Awareness

Need to understand what is going on in the market place, not just our brand, but that of our competitors too. Knowing about customers’ needs, and economic trends in general that will enable them to make sound and rational decisions.

PENTING: Proses rekrutmen 100% Gratis, jangan pernah transfer atau memberikan uang kepada siapapun termasuk HRD.