Fellowships CSIS Jakarta

Deadline: 31 Mar, 2024

CSIS Indonesia

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Fellowships are mainly targeted to facilitate students who are completing their PhD theses. Opportunities for post-doctoral or non-degree fellowships are also open.

CSIS will provide visiting fellows with an office space, access to our library and other physical facilities (subject to space availabilities). CSIS can also provide letter of reference upon request, provided that visiting fellows fulfill their responsibilities.

Required to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  1. Visiting fellows will be subject to administrative fees to cover meals and use of Internet and printers
  2. Visiting fellows are required to give at least one presentation relevant to their research topic during their stay in CSIS. This exercise will further encourage exchanges of views between the respected fellow and researchers or other scholars in CSIS
  3. Detailed arrangement of the seminar can be made with CSIS staff
  4. Visiting fellows are required to be based in CSIS while conducting their fellowship. Should they need to conduct research-related activities outside of CSIS, these have to be consulted with the relevant fellowship coordinator
  5. Additionally, visiting fellow is expected to contribute at least one article, either in English or Indonesian, to one of CSIS journals (Indonesian Quarterly and/or Analisis CSIS) during or after their stay.
PENTING: Proses rekrutmen 100% Gratis, jangan pernah transfer atau memberikan uang kepada siapapun termasuk HRD.

Buka link URL: www.csis.or.id.