Project Manager Sydney

Deadline: 30 Nov, 2024

Experience Digital

This role offers you the chance to dive into cutting-edge projects and continuously hone your skills in engineering. You’ll collaborate with a team of exceptional individuals, contributing to our mission of driving positive societal change through innovative solutions.


As our Junior IT Project Manager, you’ll take on the challenge of overseeing projects, ensuring they remain on course and achieve their objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

· Assisting in project planning, execution, and delivery activities.

· Contributing to defining project scope, goals, and deliverables.

· Supporting in creating and managing project timelines and budgets.

· Assisting in identifying, tracking, and mitigating project risks.

· Providing regular updates on project status and progress to stakeholders.

· Participating in project meetings, ensuring team members meet their objectives.

· Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure project success.


· Ability to work under pressure

· Excellent communication and collaboration skills.

· Familiarity with budgets and expenditure is a plus (Eg: Retail Experience, Store Manager)

· Bachelor’s degree from an Australian University.

What we offer:


A flexible empathetic workplace that’s prepared to invest into you and this career path through training and learning.

What we ask of you:

That you buy into our vision, understand that you’re part of a team that as a whole does great things, and even if you are working on the most boring project ever, you still deserve credit for the life changing ones we work on, because without you, we couldn’t do those life changing ones.

PERHATIAN: Proses rekrutmen 100% Gratis, jangan pernah transfer atau memberikan uang kepada siapapun termasuk HRD.

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